FY​!​021 - 1000lemmi + Biga - Spazionauta e​.​p.

by 1000lemmi + Biga



Spazionauta is the result of a 3 days jam session close and vibrant,
a deep and intimate dialogue between two old friends.

The production, handled by BIGA, are quotes and deconstructions of his many musical influences:
Hip hop, Beats, Funk, Brasil, Electro are the hinges of his personal vocabulary: elegant, dreamy, essential, retro / futuristic.

Texts, by Millelemmi, are a maze of rhymes, a collage of words, archaisms and neologisms, free thoughts and association of ideas.
The result is a moving poem, mutant, subject to multiple interpretations and fascinating to the point of becoming a collective stream of consciousness.

"Per Fare" - tells the mania of spending energy without a purpose that is not the appearance, recalling the listener to reflect before acting.
The song, almost a chant, slips slightly helped by the "70s b-movie imaginary" beat that playfully dilutes the issue.

"Spazionauti" - rhymes flow on an hypnotic "soul / dub", immersed in low frequency range: a cosmic journey / introspective, a wandering suffered between the asphyxiating deserts and the sideral galaxies of the self.
So many questions to be asked....

"Capita" - robotic bassline and a marching detroit beat to a fiery and tight rap, where a classic dissing to a third party turns into an elegant and ironic tongue twister: conscious, irreverent, zany, sublime, absurd.

Poems more than raps, music more than beats that make this ep something unique!



released April 4, 2013

words: 1000lemmi
music: Biga
mix & master: Edoardo "Dado" Fracassi

Florence 2013

design: Jonathan Calugi

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